what is office partitioning

An office partitioning is an object or a partition that creates division within a room or provides proper space for different tasks. It helps make the office improve its functioning in several ways. It comes in a great variety. Many different brands offer their office partition products and so, they vary in price. Often these companies also offer mezzanine floor.

What is the need of an office partitioning ?

An office partition is needed to make an office setting even more functional. This means that a large room can be divided into smaller ones with the help of these partitions. Wall could have been built for this but a partition gives a better look to the place.

Different types of office partitions:

There are several types of material that are used to make these partitions. The most popular partitions are as follows:

· Glass partitions: These might be single glazed or double glazed partitions.

· Wood or timber partitions are also used in the office. They might be of full ceiling to floor height or half of the ceiling to floor height.

· Partitions which are aluminum are also used in some office settings

· Fire resistant and water proof office partitions are also used

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